Day of Prayer


Imagine being so desperate for a bible that you walk for a full day on the off chance that you might come into contact with one.

This is what’s happening in Papua New Guinea.


10 MAF pilots, carrying toolboxes stuffed with bibles and resources, are reaching the thirsty… and lives are being transformed.

The light of the gospel is breaking through the darkness.

On Sunday the 26th of October 2014, we’re asking churches to get together with us in praying for these bibles as they reach the remote parts of PNG.


We're going to pray over the villages that are being reached, the pilots delivering the bibles and the team preparing these resources. 

Together we can bring hope to the remote, and light into the darkness.

We’ll be contacting all MAF supporters soon - and giving packs to inform these prayers. Right now we’re seeking churches to partner with on this day. We have a video, a prayer brochure and powerpoint slides to inspire your church. Click on the button below or call 1800 650 159



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