Day of Prayer


MAF Australia's Day of Prayer

On the 20th October 2013, the MAF family will be coming together in prayer. We'd love for you to join with us!


It's a perfect example of the body of Christ at work.

We often hear stories of remarkable flights performed by MAF pilots. We hear of lives saved and communities transformed. But underneath every story, underneath every transforming flight are the prayers of faithful supporters.

Prayer is the real "fuel for the mission". It's what keeps the missionaries safe and the work fruitful. It's our source of strength and joy even in the most trying of situations. We simply cannot emphasise how much we crave your prayers. 

Will you join us in playing this crucial part of the MAF mission? Together we can do amazing things.

A perfect opportunity

Sunday the 20th of October is MAF Australia's Day of Prayer. It's a day especially dedicated to praying for the mission of MAF. 

If you'd like to join us, simply fill out the form and we'll mail you out the prayer brochure for the day. If it's for a group or church just fill out the number of brochures you need. Additionally, we have created some PowerPoint slides if you would like those for your church. We can email those to you.

If you'd prefer all the resources emailed to you, just say that in the comments box.

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