Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF) works under the umbrella of MAF International in Papua New Guinea. Reaching out with Christ's love to help people in remote communities and providing a reliable means of HF radio communication and IT and technical expertise.

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CRMF has a new ministry 'Learning Technologies PNG' (LTPNG) aiming to help pastors and church leaders have access to theological training and discipleship resources via distance learning.  We also aim to give people in remote villages access to God's Word on audio devices, so they hear it in a language they can understand.

CRMF is a not for profit organisation which reaches out with the love of Jesus Christ to help people in remote places.

The provision of radio communication enables National Churches, Mission organisations, hospitals, schools and remote communities to have access to the outside world.

The provision of Scripture in audio format for oral societies and access to theological training and discipleship material will be a great blessing to these communities.

Papua New Guinea is a beautiful country, with roaring rivers, rugged mountain ranges, dense green jungle, bumpy highways, idyllic villages. But many people living in remote communities struggle with limited access to vital services, challenged by tribal wars, diseases and religious chains.

This is the country where CRMF works, aiming to provide effective and efficient communications and IT services, thus enabling the spread of the gospel into the remote areas.

Reaching the most remote

Approximately 85% of the PNG population live in small villages, high up in the mountains, in areas of mangrove swamps, or on remote islands.

In these small isolated communities the provision of a HF radio is vital! This HF radio is your LIFE-LINE as it has been for nationals, church workers and missionaries in the country for many years.  In fact it can be a matter of LIFE or Death!

The provision of email and internet facilities via the HF radio has been of tremendous benefit to mission and church workers, hospitals and schools.


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